Hope to see everyone at the Shoals tonight, we have an exciting show lined up.

Scott Brooks with the promod 63 Vette is coming and word through the grapevine is that they have her turned up and making more boost than they ever have before.

Michael Brooks will be back with his turboed 68 Camaro, David Porter will have his fire breathing Camaro back and is looking for some of that turbo car.

Chris Chandler will have his Monte Carlo with the LS small block here.

Brad Havird will have the turbo late model Camaro back and looking for Brandon with the red Mustang to finish what they started last week.

The little white Chevy II will be back and Tim Barton from the Aiken area is bringing a Stock Suspension Mustang loaded for bear with a stock block, 23 deg headed, nitrous small block Chevy. There will be some side by side grudge racing from lane 6 tonight.